Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quick Review: Optimun Opti-Clean Waterless Car Wash

I managed to get my hands on Optimum Opti-Clean recently. This product is another waterless car wash that I was eager to try. You can read my post on waterless car wash here.

I bought a gallon of Opti-Clean for RM150 from a local authorized distributor, Detailien. It was on sale. Normal price is RM185.

Optimum Opti-Clean Concentrate

This gallon-form Opti-Clean comes concentrated and is to be diluted 1:3. One part Opti-Clean and three parts water. I have a 32oz spray bottle. So, I added 8oz Opti-Clean and another 24oz with RO water.

There was a massive downpour yesterday and my daily drive that I had just given a full wash recently became a perfect test candidate.

After spraying Opti-Clean on the dirtiest panel, I could clearly see the dirt suspended and encapsulated. Great!

Compared to other waterless wash products like Ultima and Meguiar's, Opti-Clean seems to "run off" car surfaces more. It appeared to wet the car surfaces more too. Be prepared for some dripping onto your car porch or driveway.

The wiping part was simple and the dirt got collected onto the microfiber towel leaving behind a clean and slick to touch surface. The slickness is comparable to both Ultima and Meguiar's if not better.

As stated on the label, Opti-Clean can also be used on internal surfaces. I have yet to try that and will post an update on that in the near future. If it works well, I can replace my Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer with it.

One thing that kind of puts this product aback is the smell. Unlike Ultima and Meguiar's that come with pleasant fragrances (citrus and bubblegum respectively), Opti-Clean smells like chemical. It is not deal breaker but it could be better.

As of now I will list Ultima Waterless Wash+  Concentrate as my first choice and Opti-Clean as my second. The dilution ratio of Ultima gives it there best value for money.

That's it for this quick review.


  1. How is it compared with ONR?

    1. Opti-Clean has more lubricant in it compared to ONR. It feels "safer" as a spray on for heavier dirt. It also leaves some protection after wiping off as the car surface feels slick.

    2. It is stated it is better to use ONR for heavier dirt right?
      I am in dilemma in getting either ONR or OOC now.

    3. If you're looking for spray type waterless cleaner, go for OOC. ONR is good for rinseless wash.

    4. I guess i will give OOC a try. OOC is easier and faster compared with ONR.
      However, i thought of follow up with Optimum Spray Wax after the waterless cleaning, and it claims ONR works with OCWax better. How do you think?

    5. Should be no problem to follow up with Optimum Wax. I usually follow up with a spray wax after waterless wash for extra protection.

    6. Just tried with OOC, diluted according to the instruction 1:3, felt that it is quite watery, run off from the paint quite fast. Anyhow, the cleaning power is still good enough.

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