Sunday, May 22, 2016


I have been cleaning my cars; and my wife's car; since 2012. It may not seems long ago but I thought that I should record things down and share it with others who are interested to become a weekend detailer or a driveway/ car porch detailer like myself.

To start off, I do not consider myself as a professional detailer but rather as an enthusiast. I will buy different products and try them. There are a few professional "gurus" that I refer to for guide and references. In this blog, I will share some of my thoughts and methods in washing and detailing cars from the outside to the inside and from the wheels to the windshield. My methods might not be perfect but I get NO swirl marks and light scratches on my cars and I guess that are some of the most important things in car detailing. Defect-free. Of course, good car detailing will not prevent stone-chips. For that, one might need to go for coating or clear-bra. Since I am a more traditional car care guy with a tight budget, I will not be going into those.

Moving on, I will post write-ups on various car care methods, tools, and products that I used. So, I look forward to a good start and please support me by sharing this blog if you think it is useful.
Thank you.

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